Photo By Jade Elora Photography

Photo By Jade Elora Photography



I'm Debbie, owner and lead planner of Fandom Affairs. I am a certified geek and general neat freak. If I could have double majored in Harry Potter and organization, I would have graduated summa cum laude! Trust me, you'll come to appreciate my neurotic quirks when I'm planning your event!

I was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida but have come to love my life on the West Coast. Before I was an event planner I was a professional actor. The love I have for creating a fully developed character only amplified when I transitioned to event planning. I love creating and executing a fully developed design that speaks authentically to your theme while personably telling your unique-as-a-snowflake story.

"We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? " - The Doctor 

I hope to chat with you soon. Let's get planning!

Photo By Jade Elora Photography

Photo By Jade Elora Photography

Fandom Affairs. Schuyler Sisters. Hamilton themed wedding. Bridal party. Bridesmaids.

Fandom Affairs might be the dream wedding planner for you if...

  • You love attending comic book conventions!

  • You have an annual pass to Disneyland or Universal Studios and wouldn't mind having a design meeting inside the park!

  • You're an unconventional couple and would describe your wedding as stylish and offbeat.  The ultimate geek chic affair!

  • You understand the value of a kick ass photographer and love the idea of getting married in a unique location.

Would you travel for my wedding?

Heck yes we would travel for your wedding!

We are based in Orlando, FL.

For out of town weddings, we would require hotel accommodations plus reimbursements for airfare and rental car.