Fandom Affairs: The Blog Awakens

Episode I: An Introduction

or more accurately 6 months ago in a city with lots and lots of traffic… 

Bummm BUM bum bum bum BUMMM bum, bum bum bum BUMMM bum, bum bum bum bummm!

That’s me singing the Star Wars theme song if you couldn’t tell.  Ten points to Hufflepuff to whoever nailed it.  I’m taking this seriously ya’ll, I swear.  I solemnly swear. Ok, now I’m done.

Hello! My name is Debbie Sanchez and I am a co-owner of Fandom Affairs.  I am so excited to launch our wedding and event planning company and create some awesome geek chic events! I wanted to kick off this blog by sharing how this company came to be. Our very own origin story! 

One lazy Saturday afternoon, I was hanging out with my cousin Vivian (who is the other half of Fandom Affairs btw).  We didn’t really feel like going out or doing anything fun.  We just wanted to stay in and sulk.  Finally, I broke the silence and screamed “I’m not happy!” I confessed that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my current career and needed a change.  Event planning was always in the back of my mind and when I brought it up to Vivian her eyes lit up and she confessed that’s something she’salways wanted to explore as well! It was fate ya’ll!

Let’s just say we weren’t quiet for the rest of that Saturday.  We quickly started brainstorming company names, certification courses, and came up with our business proposal and mission statement THAT DAY! We knew in order to stand out from the pack and run a successful company we needed to be true to who we are.

So what are two fairly young muggles with an impressive Funko Pop collection who can recite every Disney song known to man passionate about? Calculus of course! Oh, I can’t fool you.  It’s geekery!  Call us geeks.  Call us nerds.  We take both as a compliment! Vivian and I knew the events we create had to reflect the things we love most.  

And just like that, Fandom Affairs was born.  2016 has been like a rollercoaster ride I never want to end.  It’s basically, California Screamin’. That ride rocks my socks.  So much has happened this year and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Until then…

May the Force be with you,